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Green spaces

The Senne
The Senne has its source in the small village of Naast. It then skims the blue stone quarries before leaving for Brussels through the green countryside of Horrues and Steenkerque.

Formerly, the Place Verte was occupied by the Senne and the Place van Zeeland by the fishpond of the Chanoines mill. In this sector, work on the vaulting of the Senne began in 1890. Their objectives were to limit the cholera epidemics which raged throughout the region at the time and to clean up these very humid districts.

The Pater Park
A privileged place reserved for walkers, the Pater Park covers an area of 5 ha and is crossed by the Senne. There is a Vita course, an Agora field, a skate park and a playground for children. In the middle of the magnificent trees of various species, one can also discover a good number of sculptures in Blue Stone.

Pater Park
Rue Mademoiselle Hanicq, 1 7060 Soignies
Tel . : +32 (0) 67 / 34.73.76

Square Bordet
A charming public park located in front of the station, Square Bordet hosts sculptures from the International Monumental Sculpture Meetings.

La Motte aux Megalithes

Formed by material excavated from the nearby quarry, this mound has been cleaned up and converted into a nature and history area. On one and a half hectares, discover many unusual facilities: a giant dinosaur skeleton in steel, reconstructed dolmens and menhirs, nesting boxes for birds and bats, an animal area, etc.

Chemin Tour Lette (opposite 52) 7060 Soignies
Free access (the rules to be observed during the visit are displayed on the property's valves)

The pond of Cafenière
This 3.5 hectare pond allows walking, picnicking and fishing.

Site de la Cafenière
Chemin du Marai Tiriâ
7060 Soignies